Welcome to Museum of Textile Tray Hangers – the only one in the world !
In swedish, textile hangers for trays are called ‘brickband’, therefore Brickband.Museum
It is Nordic – brickband has names for it in nordic languages, but not elsewhere in the world. The museum has a quite ambitious agenda: to spread the word, and use of, textile tray hangers to the rest of the world.
Why? because it is a practic, pretty thing. And because everyone has material of some kind at home, to make his/her own brickband.
Museum leader and founder, Malene Langborg, thinks reuse and environmental care every day. She has a collection of over 100 brickband from 1920-1980, and she sews new brickband from second hand clothes and material. Check out the Brickband Factory webshop:

Brickband in different languages:
Swedish/svenska = brickband
Danish/dansk = bakkebånd
Norwegian/norsk = brettband
Finnish/finska = tarjotinnauhat
German/tyska = Tablett Halter